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MCEE recommendations focus on continuous improvement

The Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness worked for 18 months to develop recommendations for a statewide evaluation system to give public school teachers and administrators substantive feedback to help them build their skills and, ultimately, improve student learning. The independent commission of education experts was created by Governor Rick Snyder and the legislature in 2011 as part of the state’s teacher tenure reform efforts. It will be up to state legislators to approve and fund MCEE’s recommendations. Learn more

MCEE's Final Recommendations

July Building Report

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The Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness developed a fair, transparent, and feasible evaluation system for teachers and school administrators. The system is based on rigorous standards of professional practice and of measurement. The goals of this system are to contribute to enhanced instruction, improve student achievement, and support ongoing professional learning.


"I commend the Council for safeguarding the implementation of teacher observations by ensuring that those performing evaluations are well trained, and recommending that the evaluation system itself will be evaluated after three years,”
- David Hecker, AFT Michigan president

“My hope is that these recommendations can be quickly advanced through legislation that will help all Michigan educators improve their craft, and enhance student learning and achievement."
- John C. Austin, president of the State Board of Education

“The MEA supports a workable evaluation system that increases teacher effectiveness and which is supported by ongoing professional learning. The  evaluation process needs to incorporate multiple measures when evaluating teacher  effectiveness and it must incorporate valid observations of professional practice.  Enhancing instruction and improving student achievement is the goal of every  educator.”
–Michigan Education Association

“Although the (MCEE) report does provide guidance and procedural recommendations, there is a significant amount of flexibility included that would allow districts to shape the evaluation process to fit their individual needs.”
–Wendy Zdeb-Roper, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals Director

"This is about our kids, so we have to find a way to get this done. We spend a lot of money on education; the MCEE recommendations are an opportunity to invest. There is no way for Michigan to get to be a Top 10 state without this."
-Mike Jandernoa, Perrigo Company Board of Directors