Editorial: Find a compromise on teacher evaluations

By cori

When Michigan passed major changes to its teacher tenure law four years ago, that was an integral step to ensure only the best teachers are in the state's classrooms. And when lawmakers at that time called for the creation of a statewide teacher evaluation, it didn't seem like a controversial request.

But it has become a political flashpoint, raising the ire of various stakeholders.

While it's important for the Legislature to settle on a framework for evaluating teachers and administrators, it must not come at a cost of harming the reforms to tenure.

That's a concern to some lawmakers, including Senate Education Committee chairman Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township. And it should be. Pavlov is worried that an overly prescriptive approach will undermine the valuable tenure changes, which did away with layoffs based on seniority and gave districts more leeway to fire ineffective teachers.

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